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Noel Peterson is an emerging singer-songwriter out of Los Angeles, California with a unique sound catching the ears of many listeners around the world. His music is full of soul and charm, and his song arrangements and chord movements are intricate at the same time. His voice is pure and emotional, and his lyrics are full of many different perspectives. Perspectives of love, life and the world we live in. Each of his songs are filled with passion and immense character, giving listeners real insight to the paths he’s seen and the roads he’s emerged from.

Born in Chicago and raised in Phoenix, Noel was always surrounded by music. Music of so many kinds, from rock-and-roll to jazz to folk to the blues. Not only was Noel hearing the music, but he was also closely picking it apart. Learning drums and percussion at an early age and eventually teaching himself how to play guitar, Noel was always so amazed and interested in the different compositions of so many artists. Every weekend as a child, his father would take him and his brother to get a new album of their choice. At first it started off as owning every Beatles’ record, but eventually Noel’s music collection grew to include many different artists around the world and many different genres to inspire from. This array of music would eventually lead Noel to write the beautiful and haunting songs of his own that we hear today on his recently released debut album entitled “Humility”, as well as in the many other songs we hear him play live.

Noel has been influenced by many songwriters in his life, and the ones that really placed the most impact were artists like Van Morrison, Marvin Gaye, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Miles Davis and Dave Matthews. To him, these were the rare artists that took their souls and devoted them to their music, writing songs with deep meanings that would inspire and move so many people in so many ways. Their music alone gave Noel the desire to pick up the guitar and creatively write songs that came from his own soul.